I am a digital explorer on an eclectic journey using a camera, Photoshop and any other tools I may find along the way.  Not knowing the destination has made the journey paramount and while the trip may have many zig zags it has never been a circle. 

My explorations have lead me to Black and White Photography, digital composites, digital abstracts and motion graphics.  While the path is eclectic, there are elements such as windows, doors, eyes, keys and clocks which often appear in my creations.  They are elements that I see as portals that help one to move forward into new areas of discovery of both self and art. 

Current large projects include the Jane sage called “If not Jane, What Then?” and the “50 Year Project” which documents his photography over the last 50 years.

Five fun facts:

1.  I lived most of my life in the San Francisco Bay area but had to move to New Jersey to stay employed.

2.  While in New Jersey I met my wonderful wife, Cindy, who hand-builds the most amazing ceramic animals. She has a nice little shop on Etsy.

3.  I grew up in the Los Angeles area and was known to cruise the Sunset strip and attend many rock concerts, not to mention hanging out at the beach every summer. Those were the days.

4.  After 30 years of using computers running on the Microsoft operating system I recently switched to an Apple computer.  

5.  I take my coffee black and don’t put ketchup on my fries.

Rick Baker – 2017